Saturday, April 20, 2013

A bit of fun post

Years ago I bought some SV sides and ends off Casula and the plan was to build some bogie sheep vans on top of TRC floors, basically the kit bash that Joe sold years ago and it became one of those projects that "I will get around to one day".
That day never came because firstly there was the bogie sheep van kits available form MiniModels and then nowadays from Eureka so the packets of sides and ends would end up going to waste.

Now I am the kind of modeller that likes to model little scenes on my layout and so far the ones that I have on the layout get good comments when I show it to the public. At one end of the layout for example I have a small sign that asks children to find the two wombats? They seem to delight in the fact when they do locate them so that brings me to this post.

How could I use these sides and ends as a small scene? I could have modified a few wagons so they appeared to be empty and the doors have been left open for example. I have all of my older wagons that I have built up over the years that I could turn them into an empty train and then have all of the newer wagons as a loaded train. Then I thought why not another small scene?

I came up with the following as per the photos and came up with another small scene.

So firstly I cut up the sides for the new doors and made new doors out of the sides I had. Prepare all of the components to rebuild the wagon. Give it a bit of weathering. Whilst I have not completed my stock yard yet for Gulgong I put the wagon in position against a ramp so I could see what the scene would look like.
Add sheep and presto..... a small scene.

The sheep will get pushed up the ramp to the wagon and the farmer will be left wondering why the van does not fill up. The door on the other side was left open......oops!

As I said a bit of fun.