Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Newcastle Show 2012

The railway dam, now has the pumphouse, intake arrangment and water in place.
The SM's house is just about finished. A few figures and bits and pieces need adding, thats all.
4711 slumbers in the carriage shed at Gulgong during shunting operations.
A few of the items around the yard at Gulgong.
Well it has been a while since my last post and now I have been invited to show my layout at this years Newcastle Show I have been prompted into action and have been attempting to complete some aspects on the layout in time for the show.
I have decided to do what I can to present a under construction layout but certain areas will be completed. I hope!
Am attaching a couple of photos of areas of the layout that I have been attending to and i have even tried my hand at electrostatic grass. Unfortunately the grass came up so good I will now have to go back and complete more areas of it, covering up the scenery that has been down for a while.
So I present the latest batch of pictutes from Gulgong and hope you enjoy.