Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ready for the Convention

Not much to post except to say that I think I am ready for the Modeling the railways of NSW convention on Saturday. Seems like such a long time ago since I said yes and now it is here.
When I said I would rerun my previous talk on the history of the SH MV line and update I thought that would not take too long to put together and update but I was wrong there.
The changes on the line in the past 10 years have been enormous and it took a bit more work than I thought. Anyway hope its worth it and I get someone to listen to me for a few minutes.
All will be revealed.

Speaking of being revealed. Last year I applied to do an ad campaign with my son for myplates.com and this year the ad started. Newspaper ads, ads on carsales.com, on the side of a bus, FB etc. and now two billboards in Sydney, one of which I am hoping to see on Saturday on my trip down there. Anyway here is the ad they are running