Friday, August 16, 2013

Gulgong stockyards take shape.

I have had to come away for a few weeks for my job but before I left home I had been busy building components for Gulgong's stockyards. It has been one of those jobs that I had been putting off building for the layout because I was unsure how I was going to go about building them.

Then I was lucky enough to attend modeler John Browns home layout and see how he built the stockyards for his layout. He also gave me a tip on building the fences for the stockyard which I hadn't thought of before. So armed with Johns scratch building tips and with a bit of free time available and Greg Edwards Stockyard plans I finally started the process.

Following are some pictures of the ramp under construction and also all of the fence compnents ready to be installed when I get home. One tip I didn't take on board fully was to weather my timber before I built it and I noticed after paiting the ramp that some of the timber swelled and moved. Oh well first attempt and I am sure once installed it will look the part.

Anybody wanting to give me any further tips I would be happy for the feedback.

One of the door for the race with some wood rot showing at bottom of door.

Some of the timber had been weathered before building, some hadn't.

Note that one of the fence panels has a broken rail in it. Part of the small scenes that I try to model.

I will have to wait until I get home in another week or so before I get to install everything on the layout. Also I still have to build the high ramp to get to the top of the sheep vans.
Cheers from sunny (so far) Wollongong.