Saturday, June 18, 2011

Epping Model Railway Exhibition

I had the pleasure of being invited by Wayne ,the owner of Jembaicumbene, to assist him and his mate for the three days of the Epping MRE and in the photo above they are showing how many exhibtions they have attended in 12 years. Surely this must be apporaching some sort of record but there would be other people out there that have attended lots more exhibitions than me that would know that answer.

It was good to be back involoved in the exhibition scene and hopefully if I can gain some momentum (which this exhibition gave me) then I can get Gulgong finished and shown in the near future.

Without a doubt the highlights of Epping where meeting fellow bloggers (finally) and the impressive Bowen Creek layout as well as the surprise release of the Australian journal of Railway Modelling.

I am now looking forward to the exhibition that I attend.



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  1. Look forward to more posts and seeing Gulgong on 'the circuit' Chris.
    Was good to meet u and have a chat to !