Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Modelling the Railways of NSW convention 31

So I have returned from the MRNSW 31 after giving my talk on this years subject from me Branxton railway station history.
Whilst it most certainly was not every ones cup of tea in regards to a lecture that people wanted to attend, I felt that the people that did attend my session felt that they got something out of it. I especially like being challenged to some of my information by the likes of Peter Neve. Lucky I mentioned his allotment lists book then wasn't it.
As I said in my sessions this was going to be part 1 of a 5 year plan on researching, planning, building and hopefully in 5 years time exhibiting Branxton as an exhibition layout, with maybe an invite to display at the convention in the future. I hope that this will be the case and it will be health and interest willing.

I have been building Gulgong for the past 10 years and I realise that I enjoy building the layout more than I enjoy running the trains. I guess driving the real things at work beats driving the model form. So Gulgong's time as my home layout may soon be coming to an end and this is the reason I have begun researching my next layout.
I have shown Gulgong twice now at the Annual Newcastle regional show and this year I have an invite to display it at the Newcastle Model railway exhibition in August. It may be its first and last time at an exhibition. Who knows?

So my emphasis, even though I have been struggling all year with getting some inspiration for model railways, is to complete Gulgong as much as I can. Little remains to be done anyway. And then move onto Branxton.

Thanks to those people that attended my sessions this year at the convention. Thanks to those blog owners that came and introduced themselves as well. I can now put faces to blogs. Cheers

We will see. Here's me at the convention this year.Photo: Another convention down. What an exhausting day. Now a day of rest and back to work!


  1. I enjoyed your presentation and think Branxton is a great subject for a model railroad. I look forward to hearing more about the layout and it's progress in the coming months.