Monday, November 9, 2009

A start...........finally.

Gulgong was my home for a while during the early 2000's and I became interested in the unfinished parts of the Sandy Hollow to Maryvale Railway whilst stationed there. I had wanted to build an exhibition layout for a while but due to the sparse amount of modellers in Gulgong then it became my project with a few people helping here and there. I decided after a bit of research that I could model Gulgong as if the line had of been completed in the 1930's.
I had become so interested in the abandonment of the line from Sandy Hollow to Maryvale during the 1950's (I have walked and photographed most of it now) to the point that I presented the research on the line at the Modelling the Railways of NSW in the early 2000's. A most pleasing talk as I was armed with original station diagrams and a large amount of slides.
Anyway this all went towards my interest for building the station layout of GULGONG for exhibition use, which I still have not had a chance to do but would like to share some pics of the layout here as I finish construction.

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